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Episode 37: What is the Power in the Progress System; interview with Dr. Dwight Satterwhite

Please excuse my shaky voice in this interview. I am fully recovered from being sick (except for my voice).

Do you teach at a school where hardly anyone takes private lessons? Have you ever wished there was a formalized progressive music evaluation tool that increases musical achievement and is adaptable to your band? You need to check out The Power in the Progress System.

My guest today- Dr. Dwight Satterwhite - has taught for 48 years! He "retired" from the University of Georgia, but is still active in music education. He developed The Power in the Progress System through all those years.

It's proven. It's tested. It works! I started using it in October of 2013 and have seen increased achievement in my band students.

Reach Dr. Satterwhite HERE and get started with a free trial version of the program today.



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